Recommendations for the week

It's that time again! So let's go to the meat:

📥 Workflow and productivity

I recently stumbled on a podcast interview by Cal Newport (yes, him, again). The subtitle is "Cal Newport explains how Slack and Gmail are making us miserable – and what to do about it", and that tells it all. I wouldn't say Gmail though, the podcast speaks rather about email in general. It's full of great insights and questions, and presents Agile and Extreme Programming as alternative workflows for knowledge workers, not just developers. A good way to reflect during the weekend.

📘 Tools

Never know what protocol to use while interacting with a GitHub Enterprise repo (git, ssh, git??) ? I found a great trick to make my life with GitHub Enterprise easier. Usually in enterprise IT, authentication is often tricky, and allows only a certain worfklow. If you find yourself hitting often the wrong protocol, you might consider this configuration setting.

🎶 Music

Dua Lipa's latest album "Future Nostalgia" (oh well, it's from 2020 already) is a big refresher in those times. A mix of funk, EDM and pop, offering a both modern and retro vibes and grooving all the time. Not only I but the whole family likes to listen to it. If you want to judge yourself, take a look at her Tiny Desk performance.

– Stephane