Latest notes


Out of conversation with James Governor of Redmonk, I came to be interviewed by Kate Holterhoff, Industry Analyst at Redmonk about the current state of front-end development, design, and prototyping in enterprise software. Find the video here. Kate also wrote a great piece on the insights from the discussion: The Dynamic Frontend .

Check out the OpenJS World talk I made with Lucile Jerber. It is now online on YouTube.

View my conference talk at ArmadaJS 2019 about our use of Vue.js at Cloud, Data and AI Design. You should also check the State of Vue 2019 report that this presentation bases on. It was a pleasure collaborating with the nice people from Monterail on that.

About me

My name is Stephane Rodet. I am currently a UX engineering manager at IBM R&D Germany. I help designers and front-end developers work better together to create great experiences for cloud and AI products. I also have broad experience leading international teams of developers in areas such as cloud and AI.

I am also very active as mentor and agitator in the company - being a mentor to colleagues, and shaping company programs like our JumpStart new hire program.

I love to share my knowledge with presentations and articles, as you can see below in the highlights.

Before being a UX engineer, I led teams developing front-ends for the first IBM cloud products. I helped major customers (financial and government institutions) integrate the front-end into their environment.